The main objective of the game is to keep your
reef growing, healthy and happy. Unlock new fish and
corals to build your own unique underwater ecosystem!

Players can connect their reefs to share, trade and
unlock rare items. Quests and daily challenges can also
be completed in teams!

Face real world challenges such as natural disasters and
oil spills as well as learn about how they affect the ecosystem.

Merchandise will help make this brand relatable to
younger audiences. Purchased merchandise will not only help raise money for environmental causes, but will also
help unlock characters in game!

Social media will be used to help educate and inform
players and their parents. Challenges and real-life scavenger hunt events will be held and coordinated on platforms
such as Instagram. 

Pop up sculptures and instillations make for great photo opportunities that can be shared on social media. 

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In December of 2019, Coral Craze held a presentation in the form of an app launch party. Instillations, snacks and freebies were present, and we held a mock-scavenger hunt via social media. Players were sent throughout the university building to find trading cards with hints that were delivered through Instagram stories. 

The AUArts fish was
revealed at this event!

**This was a collaborative project with Lindsay Anderson.  A special thanks to Sam Richie
for creating the logo and Julia Hummel for silkscreening the shirts!**