G.A.L Magazine

G.A.L Magazine for Globally Ambitious Ladies is
an editorial collective for the solo female traveler.


Readers will find insightful tips, tricks and travel recommendations to help encourage solo travel.
The women's travel community is often very active online
and with and influx of travel influencers and bloggers, there was an opportunity for a beautifully designed print piece.
This niche magazine would be distributed at travel centres, airports and other female-focused locations.

Taking inspiration from travel blogs, the magazine departments in this piece display a range of travel insights. As this magazine focuses on the community surrounding solo travel, many elements will be
comprised of audience-written content.

Pictured right: Overrated/Underrated? What to do
the ladies think about certain travel destinations?

Features and story articles are specifically written to
cater to the monthly magazine theme. In this case, the South East Asia edition has a feature article on respecting Asian culture and not travelling with a biased mindset. Typography is also explored in a fun way, as text interaction with imagery is a common theme
throughout this magazine.

Pictured left: Stay in your Lane. Don't try
to change cultures abroad.

Pictured right:  Stay in your Lane. Don't try
to change cultures abroad.

A weekly department that highlights female travellers, bloggers, influencers and other globally achieved women. This section helps to bring the travel community together and share solo travel stories, tips and experiences.

Pictured left: G.A.L Spotlight: The Blonde Abroad

Visit her blog at https://theblondeabroad.com