The logo represents all that NailRun stands for. The angled letters
signify speed and efficiency, and the simple word mark portrays a simplicity.
This brand only wants what's best for their customers! 

Colours were also chosen to help represent a brand that
is both industrial and environmentally friendly. 

This lightweight yet durable box is reusable, recyclable, and compostable!
It has a magnet sweeper on the back with a handy tray to store broken nails
and other small scrap metals. The magnet also allows for easy placement
on metals surfaces such as ladders or toolboxes.


Scan the QR code on the label for a helpful guide on purchasing nails!

The NailRun app is a place for users to track, order, maintain, and clean
up their projects. Digital promotion and advertising will be held through social
media and an online website. Other companies can be shared and promoted
through the use of Instagram, as NailRun encourages community involvement. 

**This was a collaborative project with Lindsay Anderson, Leonor Aguero and Jordan Bownes.**